RPR Profile—Georgina Biehl

georgina biehlName:​  Georgina Biehl​

Age:​  42​

Home:​  Cypress, TX​

Occupation:​ Regional Director, Team RWB​

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Why I joined Team Red White & Blue:​  After leaving active duty Army, I missed the friendships, the camaraderie and the ability to serve that we found so readily in the military.  In 2012, I had just recently moved to Houston and I was looking for a veteran’s organization where I could volunteer and meet people who had served like me.

What I see as TRWB’s mission for the Central Texas area:​  From Waco to San Antonio, along the I-35 corridor, there are hundreds of thousands of veterans who could benefit from our services (social and physical activities).  Many of these veterans (like myself) don’t even realize they’ve been missing the service and camaraderie. They don’t know until they experience it once again!  One goal is to reach out to those veterans and encourage them to get involved, either as athletes, mentors or as volunteers.  Hopefully, they will get involved and bring along some of their buddies who maybe have not fared as well in the transition from military to civilian life.  Plus, you have Ft. Hood and all the military bases in San Antonio.  Our goal there is to reach out to all those active duty service members and begin educating them on the struggles and challenges as they prepare to make the transition out of the service.  We can begin connecting them to their communities, wherever they’re going to call home, once they exit the service.

First event I attended at Reveille Peak Ranch:​  Run Ranger Run 5k​. I believe it was in Feb 2013, and it was the inaugural RRR event.

Why I am involved with Carry the Load and Reveille Call:​  Americans who never served, and even those who have, deserve to have events where they can commemorate, honor and memorialize those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy.  Memorial Day and Veterans Day should not be just about picnics and fun. These events give us a chance to feel connected to others and those who came before us.

team rwb at rprWhat I like best about Reveille Peak Ranch:​ It’s so much more than just the Pavilion!  ​On my last trip there, I was amazed at how expansive and how much there is to see and do. You really feel a strong connection to nature and all that’s beautiful about Central Texas.  It’s a great place to explore and ‘get lost’ and imagine all sorts of adventures.

One thing I’d like to challenge myself to do:​  Run from the Pavilion all the way up to the top of the Decision Point Peak. Without stopping!


More Improvements Make SCUBA Diving at RPR Even Better

scuba platforms at Reveille Peak Ranch
scuba platforms at Reveille Peak Ranch

Dive platforms make it easy to enter the water

The site of an old graphite quarry, the Quarry Lake at Reveille Peak Ranch is approximately half a mile long and one of the clearest lakes in Texas, making it a perfect place for SCUBA diving. Dive professionals and dive stores can bring classes and groups for check-out dives, advanced certifications, or general exploration.

Recent improvements to the scuba area at the Quarry Lake make it a great place to dive and enjoy the best of nature. New construction started last year has created much more usable beach at the quarry to accommodate more dive groups. This includes more parking, two additional stairs and shallow platforms for entering the water.

A deck with a grill under the sycamore trees is a perfect spot to cook up some post-dive fare for the group. Access to RPR’s mountain biking and running trails, full-service pavilion with kitchen and wood-burning stove, hot showers AND campsites all comes with the scuba fee!


RPR Rider/Runner Profile—Kimberly Mullen and Jonathan Davis


Kimberly and Jonathan’s engagement photo at Reveille Peak Ranch by AzulOx Photography

Name: Kimberly Mullen, DC, ART

Age: 38

Home: Austin, moved from Portland, Oregon two years ago

Occupation: Owner of RunLab (a sports medicine clinic in downtown Austin focusing on rehab, running evaluations, sports massage, and bike fits for runners and triathletes)

Started mountain biking: I started cycling in about 2000, with my competitive first sport being downhill mountain biking.


RPR Diver Profile—Robert Aschermann

Robert AschermannName: Robert Aschermann
Age: 43
Home: Austin, TX
Occupation: SCUBA/Travel/Swim Shop Owner
Started scuba diving: Started diving in 199 with Scubaland Adventures and became a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor in 2001
What I like best about Reveille Peak Ranch: The entire ranch property is beautiful, especially in the spring. The quarry lake is uniquely suited to SCUBA diving because of the depth and clarity of the water. The quarry is also home to some unique freshwater critters that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the area, including freshwater jellyfish!


Boy Scouts Experience High Adventure at Reveille Peak Ranch

Receiving their open water scuba certifications was just one of many adventures for 19 Venture/Varsity Scouts during their High Adventure ™ Camp at Reveille Peak Ranch in June.

The boys, ages 14-18 from Westlake and Bee Cave, represented Troop 550 of the Capitol Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. During their six-day campout at RPR, all of the boys completed their scuba diving merit badges in the ranch’s water holding tank and its Quarry Lake.

scuba diving tank reveille peak ranch

Trip leader Chris Foster learned about Reveille Peak Ranch through his own diving certification with Scubaland Adventures, and he suggested it as a site for the troop’s annual High Adventure Camp.

“The facilities were fabulous,” says Chris. “We went mountain biking, shot guns at the range, played sand volleyball, created an obstacle course, went trail running and kayaked.” One of the troop leaders brought hunting bows and throwing knives, so the scouts tried their hand at those on an archery range.archery at Reveille Peak Ranch


Carry the Load—A Memorial Day to Remember

Carry the Load 2014 Memorial MarchAs daylight broke on May 24th, 2014, Reveille Peak Ranch was bustling in preparation for a huge Memorial Day event. Shortly before the event was scheduled to begin, the rain arrived. While showers soaked the earth, arriving participants of this year’s Carry The Load event gathered in the pavilion. Despite the weather, patriots continued to pour in, more determined than ever to seize this day to honor and remember. Children, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice came to mourn and rejoice the lives of their lost, together.

Just before the Memorial March step off, the weather broke and the sun came out. A Texas capabilities demonstration including helicopters, boats, explosive demonstrations and tower rappelling impressed onlookers, and after a short program the crowd was ready to walk.