RPR Profile–Theresa Francesconi

Theresa FrancesconiName: Theresa Francesconi
Age: 32
Home: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Merchant and Coordinator of Fun at Richardson Bike Mart
Started biking/running: I started MTBing 7ish years ago, and am still trying to catch on to the running thing.
What I like best about Reveille Peak Ranch: I like how much diversity Reveille Peak Ranch has! Everything from fast and flowy to technical granite, just about everything is covered!
Favorite equipment: My Mountain Feedbag from Revelate Designs
One thing I’d like to challenge myself to do: Get better at turning to the right!


RPR Profile—Nick Buskirk, PADI

Nick BuskirkName: Nick Buskirk    

Age: 36

Home: Austin, Texas

Occupation: PADI Regional Sales Manager, South Texas, Louisiana and the Caribbean

Started SCUBA diving: 1999, first dive Malaysia

What I like best about Reveille Peak Ranch: The several options for various outdoor activities in the beautiful Hill Country, plus the option to make a deep specialty dive in the heart of Texas

Favorite equipment: Mask and fins

One thing I’d like to challenge myself to do: The nine-mile cross-country loop!


Reveille Peak Ranch is a PADI Recreational Dive Facility

Scuba stairs and dock at Reveille Peak RanchThe Quarry Lake at Reveille Peak Ranch, one of the clearest lakes in Texas, is now a designated PADI Recreational Dive Facility and is becoming known among dive shops and scuba instructors as a great place to bring groups for classes, check-out dives, advanced certifications or group dives.

With an average visibility of 20 to 30 feet, the private lake offers scuba divers a chance to explore the unique underwater world of a former graphite quarry, and the lake’s granite walls and bottom still contain graphite that “sparkles” when illuminated with dive lights.

The deepest spot found in the lake is around 100 feet, which makes the crystal-clear lake the perfect place for the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course (which requires a dive between 60 and 100 feet). In the summer, the water temperature is about 80 degrees at the top and thermocline at about 15 ft. The temperature drops into the 60s quickly and is in the 50s near the bottom of the lake, so 5mm or 7mm wetsuits are recommended.scuba platform

Just an hour northwest of Austin, Texas, Reveille Peak Ranch scuba diving is open to dive professionals and dive stores for classes and activities. All diving is organized and escorted by dive professionals and is not currently available to the general public.

The lake is also the ideal spot for Boy Scout troops seeking the Scuba Merit Badge and organizations and dive centers that support disabled veterans or other special populations.

Dive groups can take advantage of great dive-site facilities including a decked picnic area with a grill, or the Ranch’s main pavilion (5 minutes from the lake) with a full commercial kitchen, bathrooms with showers, onsite camping, training obstacles and miles of mountain biking/running trails.

underwater SCUBAAccess Pass Rates are as follows:

• $20 per diver per dive session or day
• $10 per person per night for primitive camping, or $25 per RV site (click here to reserve camping)
• All divers must bring the Scuba Liability Release completely and legibly filled out to RPR prior to diving




To schedule a group dive, to join an existing group dive, or to schedule a tour of the diving area, please contact:

Andrea Montgomery Roach
Text: 512-914-9411

Instructors and dive stores must add the following as additional insureds on their professional liability insurance policies:

Vol H. and Kristi Montgomery/Reveille Peak Ranch
105 CR 114
Burnet, TX 78611



Better and Better! 2014 Highlights

RPR 11Every year we like to pause and reflect on all the people, events and stories that make Reveille Peak Ranch such a special place, and this year provided more than ever. In fact, we couldn’t limit our list to the top ten!

Whether you came out for an event, to use the mountain biking/running trails, for SCUBA diving, camping, training or other special events, we are glad you were here.


RPR’s Top 10 11 Highlights of 2014

1. The first-ever Reveille Peak Bike Festival was a huge success, bringing together riders of all skill levels, families, demos and an expo area.

2. The 2nd annual Carry the Load-Austin event brought together more than 1,000 participants for a Memorial Day to remember, with a 20.14 Memorial March and a Texas capabilities demonstration.

3. SCUBA groups from across the state enjoyed diving in our quarry lake and new dive improvements.

4. 1,400 people participated in the inaugural Reveille Call Veterans Day event to honor those who serve/have served in a noncompetitive 11-mile march and Tradition Games.

5. Thousands of racers and spectators came from across Texas and the nation to compete in the Spartan Sprint Texas and the SUPER SPARTAN races in May. Check out the four Spartan races in 2015!

6. We continued construction of the Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center, a 5-acre learning center where volunteers share their love, knowledge and appreciation for the natural world with groups.

7. Our nonprofit Serve Who Serve grew in its partnerships and events for military men and women, and our youth. We continue to provide training support for law enforcement/military and completed our new Readiness Complex.

8. The 4th annual Reveille Peak 100 Mountain Bike Race lived up to its promise as one of the toughest races in Texas.

9. We hosted a number of scout troops, including 19 Venture/Varsity Scouts who received their open water scuba certifications as part of their High Adventure Camp at Reveille Peak Ranch.

10. We hosted the Texas Tactical Police Office Assoc. Competition, adding exciting new competition and training obstacles.

11. Race promoters and partners Spartan Race, Terra Firma Racing, Rogue Running, Tejas Trails, Race Revolutions, Capt’n Karl’s, Camp Gladiator, XTERRA, Burnet Cross Country Relays, Biggest Loser Run/Walk Off-Road Challenge and more helped us make our fourth year incredible!

Whatever the New Year brings to you, we hope you’ll come see us at Reveille Peak, and here’s wishing you an adventure-filled 2015!


RPR Profile—Alex DeFily

alex defily2Name: Alex DeFily

Age: 16

Home: Burnet, TX

Occupation: high school student

Started mountain biking: I have been mountain biking most of my life at RPR. I practically grew up on the ranch, so even before the trails were there, my family and I would ride the jeep roads for fun. However, my first taste of “real” mountain biking came when I did the 2012 X-TERRA Bluebonnet triathalon. The course was on some very technical trails at RPR and I knew nothing about what I was doing, so I had to hike-a-bike nearly half the course, but I was hooked. In the spring of 2013, I competed in the Texas High School Mountain Bike League (THMBL) series, which convinced me to take racing a little more seriously. I was the sophomore boys state champion in 2014. I’m entering my third season this spring, as a junior.  I also raced in the Texas Mountain Bike Racers Association’s (TMBRA) 2014 series in the Cat 2-18 and under division and the Texas High School Cycling League (JV State Champion 2014 Series).

What I like best about RPR: I like the rockiness of the trails.  Learning how to ride here has helped me to become much more comfortable and confident on technical courses, which is especially helpful in racing around Austin.

Favorite equipment: My favorite piece of equipment is my bike, a 2014 Trek Superfly FS. It is light and fast, and the full-suspension is great on the RPR trails.

One thing I’d like to challenge myself to do: Complete the Cape Epic stage race in South Africa

(Editor’s Note: Alex is the nephew of RPR owner Vol Montgomery and has been working at RPR the past few summers. If he checks you in at the Silo one weekend, be sure to say hello!)


RPR Profile—Georgina Biehl

georgina biehlName:​  Georgina Biehl​

Age:​  42​

Home:​  Cypress, TX​

Occupation:​ Regional Director, Team RWB​

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Why I joined Team Red White & Blue:​  After leaving active duty Army, I missed the friendships, the camaraderie and the ability to serve that we found so readily in the military.  In 2012, I had just recently moved to Houston and I was looking for a veteran’s organization where I could volunteer and meet people who had served like me.

What I see as TRWB’s mission for the Central Texas area:​  From Waco to San Antonio, along the I-35 corridor, there are hundreds of thousands of veterans who could benefit from our services (social and physical activities).  Many of these veterans (like myself) don’t even realize they’ve been missing the service and camaraderie. They don’t know until they experience it once again!  One goal is to reach out to those veterans and encourage them to get involved, either as athletes, mentors or as volunteers.  Hopefully, they will get involved and bring along some of their buddies who maybe have not fared as well in the transition from military to civilian life.  Plus, you have Ft. Hood and all the military bases in San Antonio.  Our goal there is to reach out to all those active duty service members and begin educating them on the struggles and challenges as they prepare to make the transition out of the service.  We can begin connecting them to their communities, wherever they’re going to call home, once they exit the service.

First event I attended at Reveille Peak Ranch:​  Run Ranger Run 5k​. I believe it was in Feb 2013, and it was the inaugural RRR event.

Why I am involved with Carry the Load and Reveille Call:​  Americans who never served, and even those who have, deserve to have events where they can commemorate, honor and memorialize those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy.  Memorial Day and Veterans Day should not be just about picnics and fun. These events give us a chance to feel connected to others and those who came before us.

team rwb at rprWhat I like best about Reveille Peak Ranch:​ It’s so much more than just the Pavilion!  ​On my last trip there, I was amazed at how expansive and how much there is to see and do. You really feel a strong connection to nature and all that’s beautiful about Central Texas.  It’s a great place to explore and ‘get lost’ and imagine all sorts of adventures.

One thing I’d like to challenge myself to do:​  Run from the Pavilion all the way up to the top of the Decision Point Peak. Without stopping!