Mountain Biking

Ranch Hours & Gate Fee 

Trail Hours:

  • Friday: gates open at 5 pm
  • Saturday: dawn – dusk
  • Sunday: dawn – dusk

Note: trail availability may be limited during large racing events; please check event listings for updates

Register online for a Saturday/Sunday day pass


Using a new self-registration process, we encourage guests to pay and sign a waiver online and please bring a copy of your receipt to the ranch. Any guest that has not paid online should proceed to the self-registration table to pay (cash or check only) and complete a waiver. Please put the signed waiver and payment in the payment box.


Gate fee is $10 per person ($5 for 12 and under). See camping fees here

Camping available Friday and Saturday nights. For group camping registration, call 512-914-9411.

Everyone who visits the Ranch must complete a waiver.  Save some time! Register online now or download and print the waiver now; bring the completed waiver with you when you visit.

Some of the best mountain biking in Texas is found on the trails at Reveille Peak Ranch, miles of rugged single-track and twisty downhill trails cutting across the exposed granite of the Llano Uplift. See trail descriptions and map

Designed by the Austin Ridge Riders and completed in 2010, the single-track and super downhill trails offer a mountain bike experience like no other. From the top of the hills, you can see Lake Buchanan and beyond. Below, paths flow through oaks and grassy savannah.

Reveille Peak Ranch has almost 100K of trails (including 15 miles of hand-cut single track), including a super D, pump track and flow track/gravity trail. From highly technical riding to easy trails, riders of all skill levels will find a fun challenge!

Pump Track

Our new elevated pump track, modeled after the infamous Whistler pump track and built by the DirtWrx mountain bike crew. The track has six berms and is designed to challenge the most advanced rider, but is easy enough for those who want to increase their skill. Two riders can start on opposite ends of the track for one-on-one racing, and a shaded deck in the center of the track provides a cool place for riders to take a break. A pump track allows a rider to maximize gravity, momentum and core strength  to propel him/her around a track with no pedaling (hence the word “pump”).  The experience is skill building and exhausting at the same time!

Flow Track

The flow track, just over a mile long, is designed to limit pedaling from start to finish and offers a fun ride for every ability. The windy, 1.1-mile ride runs on a downhill terrain with berms and mild jumps along the way. Advanced riders will have a great time on the table tops and step downs, but nothing will limit novices.

Mountain Biking & Running Trails

  • Over 15 miles of newly developed single track trails
  • Dozens of miles of combined single and double track
  • 4 and 9 mile loops of low-moderate technical trail
  • 6.2 mile (10K) loop – low-moderate technical trail
  • 3.2 mile (5K) loop – low-moderate technical trail
  • 3.2 mile (5K) loop – low technical trail (kid and stroller friendly)
  • “Park & Ride” destination for distance runners and cyclists to
    hit miles of low-traffic country roads through Burnet, Llano
    and Lampasas Counties
  • See Trail Map for more details.

Bike Rentals
We do not currently have bikes on-site to rent, but ask about rentals at your local bike shop, such as Bicycle Sport Shop in Austin.

Check out the raves about RPR!

Learn about the Reveille Peak 100K Mountain Bike Race

See who’s riding at the Ranch

Read press coverage of our trails and events







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