Ranch Hours & Gate Fee 

Trail Hours:

  • Friday: gates open at 5 pm (season pass holders sign in; all others call ahead 512-755-4417)
  • Saturday: dawn – dusk
  • Sunday: dawn – dusk

Note: trail availability may be limited during large racing events; please check event listings for updates

Register online for a Saturday/Sunday day pass

Office Hours:

8 am-6 pm (check in at the Silo when you arrive at RPR)


Gate fee is $10 per person ($5 for 12 and under). See camping fees here

Camping available Friday and Saturday nights. For group camping registration, email or text Andrea at 512-914-9411.

Everyone who visits the Ranch must complete a waiver.  Save some time! Register online now or download and print the waiver now; bring the completed waiver with you when you visit.

Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Outdoor Fitness Training and SCUBA

Reveille Peak Ranch is located in the Llano Uplift, and the spectacular geography of this unique granite dome is on full, wondrous display in our 62 miles of trails that wind through fields of wildflowers, dry creek beds and exposed granite outcroppings. Open for mountain biking, trail running, fitness training, SCUBA diving and events, guests of all ages will find outdoor activities that match their skill level and interests.

Water Activities

Our ultra clear, spring-fed Quarry Lake, over 200 ft. deep, is available for SCUBA diving (pre-arranged with dive professionals) with access to Lake Buchanan one mile away by water. There’s a swimming pool close to the spacious covered pavilion, with separate changing facilities for men and women.


With 250+ primitive campsites, private bathrooms and showers for men and women and 6 RV hook ups with water and electricity (no grey water/dumping), Reveille Peak Ranch is a great place for individuals, couples, families or groups.

Reserve a campsite here. To arrange a group camping event, please email or text Andrea at 512.914.9411.

Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center (UHLNC)

Thanks to the vision of Reveille Peak owner Vol Montgomery and Highland Lakes Master Naturalist Billy Hutson, an educational Nature Center will be built in the Pavilion area of Reveille Peak Ranch. The UHLNC will focus on building the public’s awareness, appreciation, and conservation of the outdoors and natural resources through educational and recreational outreach to all ages.

The Nature Center will house teaching collections and classrooms, and interpretive trails will wind through parts of the ranch highlighting the 1,300 acres of mostly untouched acreage. From botany, herpetology, weather, erosion, entomology, biology, geology, invasive species, the water cycle, and much more, the Nature Center will exhibit, demonstrate, and interpret, offering hands-on experiences in nature in a unique rural setting. Many of the Center’s efforts and exhibits will be directed toward school-age children.

The Friends of UHLNC (numbering over 100) will raise funds and provide volunteers to teach and care for the Nature Center.

For more information, please contact:
Billy Hutson, President, Friends of the Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center / 512-468-1273

Guided Tours

Environmentally and geologically sensitive areas on the site are available for guided tours. View the land as it’s been for centuries—natural, beautiful and unchanged—and look for native wildlife including birds, deer, gray foxes, rabbits and armadillos. Photographers have a field day capturing images of the topography, wildflowers and wildlife. Please contact us for more information.

Check out our upcoming events, or reserve a day pass.

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