June 2 – Rogue Running Trail Series, The RANCH

The Rogue Trail Series culminates with The RANCH on Sunday, June 2nd at Reveille Peak Ranch. The 30K and 10K courses will feature rugged, challenging terrain and more than a few spectacular views as they wind through a mix of soil Jeep roads, granite outcroppings and slabs, dry creek crossings and the most amazing single track this side of the Mississippi!

This final race of Rogue’s three-part series will be a joint event: one part championship race, where the combined time of all three races determines overall placement, as well as a stand-alone event with its own awards.

Participants are welcome and encouraged to camp at Reveille Peak Ranch the night before the race ($10 per person). Register to camp here. Please be prepared with your own food/beverages – restrooms/showers are available!

Get details and register here

PLEASE NOTE: Mountain bike trails will be closed until noon on Sunday, June 2 so as not to cross the race path.

One Response to June 2 – Rogue Running Trail Series, The RANCH
  1. Robert Des Rosier
    May 13, 2013 | 9:00 am

    Do we need to register for a campsite or are they first come first serve?

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